Thursday, March 31, 2011

Game 1

Well as I sit here watching the Dodgers vs. Giants enjoying this great opening day. I am looking at Don Mattingly in a Dodgers uniform and it just looks strange. Don't get me wrong I wish Donnie Baseball all the best. I just long for the days of my favorite ball player in a Yanks jersey. It still blows me away that he has never won a World Series. Yes you read that right, Mattingly who played for the most successful franchise in all of sports never played in a world series. The other shock is that he was a coach for the Yanks from 2004-2006 and they never played in a World Series in his three years as a coach. It just doesn't seem right that a man who works as hard as anyone does not get rewarded for it. That's why if the Dodgers find some way to get into the World Series I will be rooting for my boyhood hero more than any other team in all of the MLB. Well as long as it is not against the Yankees, I don't want to think about what would happen if I would have to deal with that! Until next time raise your glass and cheers!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here we Go!

First of all let me say thanks for stopping by Casey at the Draft. I have wanted to do this for a while and have had many friends and family tell me I should do a blog. So here we go, I hope you find this fun and interesting. You will not always agree with me but as long as you find the topics intriguiging we should have a great time!

Here we go! In just two days the MLB season starts again and I will be heading over to my father's house (for the fifth year!) to watch all the games. When I say all the games that's the truth. We have multiple T.V.'s set up with the MLB package to catch all the games. It is a tradition that I really enjoy and hope my six year old daughter will, one day, come along for the ride. We have many coolers filled with many different beverages, ok who am I kidding they are filled with beer nothing else. I will be eating as many hot dogs, brats, and as much green chili as I can. All because of this wonderful game of baseball! I love opening day! Every team in the league has that hope again that their team will make that magical run to October. It does not matter what your team did or didn't do the year before you are ready to root them on. (Let me say this counts for everyone but the Pirates because their owners are cheap and should be run out of town but that is for another blog.) No other sport opens with as much hope and excitement as baseball. One game does not define a season and many fans, this one included, can get caught up in the tradition of baseball. One reason I love baseball is because it is a slower pace and takes time and persistance to be a fan. Football is easy to follow. Your team plays once a week and you can set aside time to watch it. Now all you football fans don't get all twisted up by this. I am a football fan myself, I played  football and I love that game. But baseball is a habbit you can't watch everygame, although this guy tries to. (Gotta love the DVR) If you don't catch a game you try to find the highlights, or the score on your phone. When I was a kid we didn't have a team here in Colorado and my family didn't have espn until I was a little older so the only way I could get the score of the games was the box scores in the paper the next day. I love this and I still do. Now that I have rambled on about this a little to long, just remember to take a little time out this weekend to slow down and watch a game. Call your brother, sister, parent, or a friend sit down crack a cold one and smile. Enjoy this great game of baseball and remember how you felt when played catch when you were a kid.  Till the next time, raise your glass and Happy Opening Day.