Sunday, December 9, 2012

189 Million??????

The Yankees have long been the poster child for spending at all cost to win a championship. When the winter meetings would go on in past years you could always count on the Yankees making a big splash with a shiney new toy. Those years are past and the Boss is gone, and his two snot nosed sons are at the helm now. I am the first to admit the spending ways of the past weren't always the smartest. At least George did everything in his power to put the best team possible on the field. Now his sons Hal and Hank are dead set at getting the Yankees to this 189 million payroll. Their 'fiscal cliff' if you would allow me. I am shocked because these are the same two nit wits that approved the A- Rod deal,(George was still around but that deal was all Hal and Hank) and that has turned out great! Stuck with that pile of cow dung for 5 more years if he plays again, and don't get me wrong I won't lose sleep if I don't have to see that purple lipped jerk in pinstripes ever again. Sorry I digress. I am all for smart spending but if you have a chance to sign a superstar you do it!  You are the freaking Yankees for Petes sake. I will be holding my breath the next few weeks, months, years to see how these two boobs run the ship. If they procede down the road they are going I am afraid of where it will lead. Hopefully one of them decides to channel their father and start using their head and their wallet. If  the Yankees start acting like the Mets I don't think I want to live in a baseball world like that. Come on Hank and Hall you are the Yankees snap out of it and start acting like it! Only time will tell, and all you that are reading this saying "Casey you're just a spoiled Yankees fan tough luck pal." Well guess what you're right I am spoiled! It's the Yankees they don't slum around watching payroll, or hoping to land the star. They get the Star, and run through the league on their way to the post season. That crap 'hoping for talent' is for the rest of the league. Not the Yankees so Hank and Hal get it your head out and start acting like I never thought I would ever say that. With that said 112 days til opening day so raise your glass and let the countdown begin.

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