Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Heisman is a Joke?

Well I left my blog vacant for over a year for that funny reason of not having a computer. I have one now and am pretty pumped up about it so I can get to this blog far more often. We are coming up on the Heisman Trophy Award and the debate has already begun. You have plenty of candidates for the trophy but to me there is only one that is worthy. Let me start this off with saying I am not a Notre Dame fan, in fact I am the opposite. I can't stand the freaking gold domers, I have never liked them and I never will! I only hate one team more than them, that's for another day. So I wanted to set that straight before I set out to talk about the only choice for the Heisman Trophy. Since you read that tirade on Notre Dame you must expect me to tell you my choice is not Manti Te'o. Well you're wrong, he is and should be the only one. All the other young men have had nice years but have any of them elevated their team to a perfect record? Manti has taken an average Notre Dame offense and put them on his back. He is the best defensive player in the country and it's not even close. The Heisman Trophy has never been won by a pure defensive player, the last to win was Charles Woodsen, but he also returned punts. This young man Te'o is everything that is right with college football. All the other candidates are good but not great. This is the year for a defensive player to win the award. Notre Dame is undefeated and playing in the National Championship. Without him, the Irish lose at least 4 to 5 games easy. No other team is undefeated and the Irish are, and Te'o is the main reason they are. What he has gone through off the field in losing his Grandma and Girlfriend in the same week and still leading the Irish is impressive. He is the leader of that team and where he goes, so does the team. If Manti does not win the award the Heisman is a JOKE! That's right a joke you might as well call it the Heisman Offensive Trophy. No other player means more to their team than Manti does to his. I will lose what little respect I have for Heisman voters completely. Once again this is not a plea from a avid Irish fan, I will be rooting for Alabama to stomp a hole into the Irish. This is about what is right and Manti Te'o is the best college football player in the country. I hope the voters get it right, but I am not holding my breath. Until the next time raise your glass and with that ROLL TIDE!!!!!!

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